All of us who are familiar with Xcelsius and Infoview know that the Xcelsius dashboards can be deployed onto Infoview as SWF files. 

In case you have the .XLF file (Xcelsius source file), the process is pretty straight forward:
  1. Open the .XLF file in Xcelsius
  2. Go to File --> Export --> SAP BusinessObjects Platform
  3. Enter the login information for the BO environment, choose the folder where the dashboard needs to be deployed and then publish it.  
However, if you have the .SWF (Shock Wave Flash) file of the dashboard without having the .XLF file, you can still go ahead and add that file onto Infoview platform:
  1. Login into Infoview
  2. Click on "Add a Local Document"
  3. Select your .SWF file using "Browse".  Select File Type as 'Other'.
  4. For MIME TYPE, type application/x-shockwave-flash
  5. Expand the General properties.  Append .SWF at the end of the title
  6. Save it.  The file type will be shown as Agnostic, but that really does not matter.  The file can still be opened from Infoview.